Thursday, September 28, 2006

I can't really say this is an occurence that happens in one certain
area, it's more like everywhere I go.
It's the men who are old enough to be my father who try to pick me up.
First off, what makes you old guys even think that someone young
enough to be your child would even be the least bit interested in
dating you. I could care less what you drive, what your hobbies are or
how much money you make because age does matter, and when you have a
child who's practically old enough for me to date, I see a problem
with you asking me to go skiing with you and your kids.
Secondly is when you assume I'm interested. Do NOT take my
friendliness as a sign to advance. I am a pleasant person with a
confident, happy outlook on life so naturally I'm going to have some
friendly things to say. Responding to your "hi" on the streets doesn't
mean I want to have your children!
Thirdly, is when you don't get that I'm NOT interested. When I don't
respond to your "hi" on the street or walk away fast, or give you the
cold shoulder, I am not playing hard to get, you're just very easy to
resist! If I don't respond I'm either in a hurry, or I don't want to
talk to's usually the second.
My favorite thing is getting hit on by old men who have no chance with
me, no, really! *sarcasm*

submitted by Liz

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Way too little, Way too late.

From the comments section of a previous post here on HBCan, we see that the author of the piece of garbage referenced in that post has written something which he seems to believe constitutes an apology for his behaviour. We here at HBCan respectfully disagree.

To the paper's credit, they have published an apology and retraction that does seem sincere, as do their efforts to educate their staff (of which I hope Mr. Reid is no longer a member). If those efforts are, indeed, sincere, then we commend them.

I've been having this re occuring creepy experience where some white guy who didn't get notice that it's heinous to objectify women let alone objectify them for their "exotic" Chinese-ness makes me his target. I thought that kind of thing went out with the 90's!! Apparently it's back in fashion among the idiotic because I've been inundated lately. The most recent was this creep who came for a meeting with the Director of the gallery where I work. As soon as he looked at me he got this weird look on his face. I guess he saw the big opportunity to mangle the Chinese language and slip in a come on while he was at it. That shit makes me feel all gross like I need to get the part of my brain that remembers these incidents sanitized. Ew. When I get my new camera phone you will be exposed to them too so we can all laugh & point or throw stuff at them.

For any men who didn't get the memo:
Keep the fact that you "love Asian women" to yourself and get educated and get help. You look like a moron. You are ignorant and this is not a compliment Mr. Mouth Breather.
No, I don't want to go out with you even though you "love Asian women" and wow, look at me, I'm Asian. Is that supposed to be meant to make me feel grateful Shithead?
Do not think you are clever because you know a few Chinese words and volley them in my direction.
Do not come on to me with the guise of practicing your Mandarin.
Do not expect me to feel all connected to you and bow down because you have done a third world girl a favour by adopting her.

Sadly, this is not limited to straight men. Gay Asian boys get this crap too.

Thanks Hollaback Canada...Can't wait to see the posts.

submitted by su-ying lee

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I live in Mississauga, Ont. I find most of the problems on a street named
colonial in the erin mills area. Every so often I have to take the bus to
work. I wait at a bus stop that is right in front of a stop sign.
Unforunately, it's a fairly busy street considering it's in a suburban area.
The stop is right in front of a elementary school. I don't dress too "fancy"
or "provocative" yet everytime any man is stopped in his car at the stop
sign he stares at me. Most are older men and it makes me uncomfortable. In
some cases i think they actually stop just to look at me(normally no one
even stops at the sign).

I've had many guys on this street yell things from their cars as well. Most
of the time I find it best not to look at the road at all.

Submitted by Anna