Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An anonymous Reginan has sent us
what passes for acceptable humour
at the Carillon (the University of Regina's student newspaper). The article's author is pictured above.

Right, asshole. Exposing yourself to children is really fucking funny*. At least this guy admits that the reason he harrasses women is to upset them, and doesn't pretend like it's a compliment.

If anyone is interested, letters to the Carillon's editors can be sent to


UPDATE: As E points out in the comments, the Carillon appears to have taken the article down. Fortunately, Politics'n'Poetry has a copy up so you don't have to take my word for it that this guy is an asshole.

I don't know if the author or the newspaper have apologized, but I'll look into it. Update 2: It doesn't look like it.

Update 3: As mentioned in our post Way Too Little, Way Too Late the newspaper has issued an apology for printing the offensive article. The author has also written something which he seems to imagine constitutes an apology, but we disagree that it even comes close to apologising for the actual offense. You can find it here.

*In this phrase we are responding to the tone of the article, which gave the impression that the author's horror at having exposed himself to a twelve-year-old was tinged with humour.

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