Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Now I get that in my line of work, which is massage therapy in an expensive hotel spa, I am bound to receive random rude comments and have some creepy clients. Especially that I am a decent looking woman in her early 20's. But wow, I've had a couple doozies recently here in Victoria, BC. I'll share my favorites with you! I work mainly evenings in the spa and often get either couples looking for a romantic evening together, or travelling business people. This guy happened to be a travelling business person from Ottawa who spoke French as his first language. I go to introduce myself to him in the lounge and he turns, looks me up and down and says some typical greeting in french that sounded like 'oh chante'. I don't speak French and so if it were something else I wouldn't have known any better. I lead him to to treatment room, at this time he is wearing a robe and boxerbriefs. How do I know? Well! This gentleman decides to whip open his robe to show me a scar on his upper thigh that I really didn't need to know about as it had nothing to do this the treatment. I instructed him as to how the treatment would go and leave the room for him to get on the table. When I come back he's butt-naked and barely covered by the sheets or blanket. To keep it short and simple, throughout the treatment I was repeatedly asked about myself and what massage I liked best. I probably should have stopped the treatment and left and told him to get out. But I had only been at that location a little over a month and put up with it barely acknowleging his questions. Once he had left, I went to clean up the room, and what did he leave behind but a large tip and his room number with a request to join him later that night. What the hell guys?!?! Honestly, if you want a whore for hire go cruise the roads. A spa is a spa and we're not here for your sexual needs. The other guy just over a week later was a rather large guy, who during his treatment when I had him turn over halfway had a rather obvious erection. This happens sometimes and normally doesn't bother me as some men really have no control over their members during a treatment. At the end of the treatment however, he requested I get him a small amount of oil for him to take with him for personal uses. I nearly vomited.

Submitted by Christina in B.C.

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