Monday, June 11, 2007

1) This didn't actually happen to me, it happened to my 11 year old sister. I was with my sister and my step-sister in downtown Montreal and we were going down the escalator towards the subway. Standing against a wall was is this creepy-looking guy who had to be somewhere between 25-30. He had two dogs with him. My sister loves dogs so she says to my step sister "Woah those arecute dogs!" but she hardly said it loud enough for the guy to hear her. After that he made some comment like how she should smile more often or something like that. My step-sister gave him a dirty look and he said "What? She's so beautiful she should smile more often." We were pretty creeped out and tried to get down the escalator as fast as possible. When we finally got down he started walking down the stairs right next to them so we ran away. It happened pretty fast so I didn't get the chance to say anything or take his picture. I wish I had though, I'm extremely over-protective when it comes to family. The part that gets to me the most is the fact that she's only 11. My sister's one of those super pretty girls who look a little older than they are, like 13 or so, so stuff like this happens to her often, but it's still digusting and he had no right to scare us like that.

2) I went to a Halloween fair with my friend a few years ago. We were about 12. When it was over we asked a guy who had to be around 18 if he knew the time. He said he didn't but then he asked us if we wanted to buy a glow stick. We said no, we had no money and then we walked away. As we walked away he yelled after us that we were whores. We were little kids! What the hell. People can be so stupid. I can't even remember all the times I've had some asshole yell something out a car window. It really disgusts me. There was also this one time where I went to a party in this small town. It was more of a family party since there were some 60 year olds and some 4 year olds. Well this one older guy, around 50,wouldn't stop talking to me the whole night. He told me I was pretty and that I looked 18, I was about 15 at the time. It made me VERY uncomfortable. His son was at the party and everything! I just wish men like that would fuck off.

Submitted by Katy

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