Thursday, June 28, 2007

For reasons that will become clear, I don't have a photo of the
jackass in question. This is explicit - I'm sorry if this
offends...though I'm not the offender, really.

I'm a huge fan of the clothing-optional beach at Hanlan's Point on
the Toronto Islands. Its clean, the (mostly queer) folks are
respectful, and the beach is not over-run with families. I've got
nothing against families at the beach, just its nice to have a mainly
adult sort of space in the city. Now some people might think that my
girlfriends and I 'deserved' what we got since we had the 'nerve' to
go to a clothing-optional beach and think we wouldn't get harassed.
Well, those people can go back to the family beaches. I've gone to
Hanlan's a dozen times and NEVER had this kind of problem.

So here's what happened. We arrived mid-afternoon at the beach on
Pride Sunday. It was not very busy. We set up our blankets at a
respectful distance from other bathers, not noticing the lone man
about 10m from us. Well, this man certainly noticed us. Within
moments, he began parading around in such a way that his big, floppy
penis bounced around and side to side. ...Okay, that's fine - people
are allowed to walk around naked at Hanlan's. He sat on his towel,
then up striding around again.

It became clear over the next couple of hours that his purpose was to
remain, at all times, directly in our line of sight. We turned around
to face the other way - he walked around and stood right there, 15
feet away. When seated, he faced US, rather than the more usual beach
practice of facing the water. He applied sunscreen to his bits every
15 minutes or so. My friend went to sneak a pee in the bushes and he
strode after her - stopping just short of the bushes, and striding
away as she emerged. He stood (again) 15 feet away, and swiveled his
hips just enough so that his stupid penis flopped side-to-side. He
was a total creep and this image is burned in my brain forever.
Eventually, we left for the clothing-required area; The stupid jerk
put on some shorts and lurked near our picnic area for another hour
before finally giving up.

I am extremely angry about this because this man's behavior a) ruined
our day, and b) it leads to the clothing-optional beach becoming a
'problem'. The beach is NOT the problem, the grossly inappropriate
behavior of some jackass men IS. I don't have a photo of the jerk
because I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of thinking I cared.

Submitted by Kathy

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