Saturday, April 07, 2007

The safe town of MISSISSAUGA. Me and my two friends walk down the street from our Catholic school to home. As we are both walking, chattering away mindlessly, these two guys from our school are walking behind us, eating beef patties from the corner convenience store and whatnot.

I turn around, and so do my friends.
"Hey, *myfriendsname*!"
She turns around, her eyes are wide open and mine are furious slits.
"I wanna bang you,"
We look at each other, disgusted.
"Sideways. But you have to wear a paper bag on your head. With a hole in it."
I hear the second guy laughing.
As we pass buy my other friend's house and say our goodbyes, they are walking slightly closer to us. He continues to yell the same disgusting remarks about me.
My friend shakes her head and stops walking. "FUCK OFF!", she screams.
"Please?" He is even more desperate then I thought.
I turn around and remember a quote from my favourite show 'Popular' by Nicole Julian.

"You know, I really would, but I am so booked for tonight.", I say sarcastically. "I don't even have the 2.5 seconds it would take for you to have sex for the very first time and have her laugh right in your red-cheek little face!"

Submitted by Marianne.

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