Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I've been having this re occuring creepy experience where some white guy who didn't get notice that it's heinous to objectify women let alone objectify them for their "exotic" Chinese-ness makes me his target. I thought that kind of thing went out with the 90's!! Apparently it's back in fashion among the idiotic because I've been inundated lately. The most recent was this creep who came for a meeting with the Director of the gallery where I work. As soon as he looked at me he got this weird look on his face. I guess he saw the big opportunity to mangle the Chinese language and slip in a come on while he was at it. That shit makes me feel all gross like I need to get the part of my brain that remembers these incidents sanitized. Ew. When I get my new camera phone you will be exposed to them too so we can all laugh & point or throw stuff at them.

For any men who didn't get the memo:
Keep the fact that you "love Asian women" to yourself and get educated and get help. You look like a moron. You are ignorant and this is not a compliment Mr. Mouth Breather.
No, I don't want to go out with you even though you "love Asian women" and wow, look at me, I'm Asian. Is that supposed to be meant to make me feel grateful Shithead?
Do not think you are clever because you know a few Chinese words and volley them in my direction.
Do not come on to me with the guise of practicing your Mandarin.
Do not expect me to feel all connected to you and bow down because you have done a third world girl a favour by adopting her.

Sadly, this is not limited to straight men. Gay Asian boys get this crap too.

Thanks Hollaback Canada...Can't wait to see the posts.

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