Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Well, this afternoon was about the 3rd time I've been to Hanlans Point beach, and Im sorry to say that every outing has been tainted with some harrassing idiot, (including a run-in with the dick parading his floppy penis that someone else wrote about!) but today was just the worst. Even though I wholeheartedly support the idea of a clothing optional beach for all, the sad reality is that Hanlans Point it is just NOT a safe place for women to go without harrassment. Today I discovered I was being videotaped by some creep as I sunbathed topless.
As my girlfriend had to cancel at the last minute and I wound up going alone, I set up RIGHT beside the lifeguard tower, the ONE place where I thought I might enjoy the lake and sun be safe from all that.... well I guess not.
Apparently the lifeguards looking on was no deterrant ... while I was deeply engrossed in my book, some creep set out his towel not 10 metres away, lay on his stomach and got busy videotaping me while I read. I SHUDDER to think about what kind of closeups he took and where the images will wind up...
I only learned that this was happening because I overheard some guy walking by the creep make a comment about the camera hidden under his shirt. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of getting angry and confronting him before I reported him - he managed to sprint off into the bushes before anything could be done. The lifeguards couldnt really do much anyways, just suggest that I call the Marine Police who already had there hands totally full with the Carbana and long weekend crowds .
While I was talking to the guards, another guy came forward and said that he had seen this creep with his camera a few time before, apparently he is a regular at that beach. ( although why he did nothing about it is a mystery!)
So women, if you decide to go to Hanlans Point,, be on the alert for any guy lying on his stomach facing you, especially with a shirt or towel bunched in front of him. If you see him DONT APPROACH, just DISCREETLY report him to the lifeguards and insist that they call the Police! Eventually, he will get himself caught.
-man in his early 30's, around 5'7 and a somewhat flabby nondescript body
-has sparse black balding hair, very short, like a buzzcut growing out . he shaves his chest.
-has a soft slightly flabby face and a small mouth
-he wears roundish glasses, and carries a faded green knapsack
-he goes shirtless, but keeps his shorts on.
-he likes to lie on his stomach to operate his video camera, which is hidden under a tshirt or towel..
The next time I go ( if I ever go back!) I will keep my camera handy and return the favour.

Submitted by Lisa

I would like to relate what happened to me years ago when I was about 16 years old (I'm 35 now so it's been a while).

I was waiting inside a bus shelter for the regional bus in Pickering on Kingston and Fairport rd to be exact, which by the way was a horrible bus stop as it was very isolated & inconveniently also a traffic stop, so of course many lecherous men would stare, cat-call and the like.

On this particular occasion a blue van was stopped beside the shelter as the lights were red. And for what seemed like an eternity the light STAYED red and what happens next! the back door flings open and a SHORT, FILTHY, HAIRY ASSHOLE with a ski mask on and his pants around his ankles had his (unimpressive) member out IN FULL VIEW!!! I could not believe it but my first reaction was to POINT and LAUGH hysterically and shreik "you call THAT a c**k!!!" Mr small-member was jolted, yelled that "I" was a Bitch (to which I replied "no wonder you wore a MASK!!!) he slammed the door and drove off !!! I wish we had picture cellphones back then so I could have snapped-up his sorry-ass image, but looking back I don't want to suggest this was the best way to deal with harrasment, yet I was amazed and somewhat pleased with my reaction, as I was a pretty feisty teenager. Incidentally I contacted the local police who informed me that similar complaints were filed that year within the region and that they would follow-up on it, but I never heard back that they had found this chicken-shit, idiot, loser. Probably because there are so many of them out there.

Submitted by Patricia