Friday, July 07, 2006

It doesn't matter what you wear.

Wow..let me just say that i am so glad i do not have to take a bus to school any more. Well i must have been 13 years old and i was walking to my middle school bus stop during the last week of school. i was wearing a skirt and a camisole (nothing out of the ordinary). As i was walking down the street olding a few books a landscaping truck pulls aside of me and they start yelling vulgar things to me. "Hey, you don't have to go to school today, I will just teach you a few new things". One of them said, as every one in the car laughs and smiles at me. I was so embaressed I wanted to cry. Not even 2 weeks ago i was walking home from work (I'm a store girl at a bakery which is located next to an italian grocery store) and this guy drives by (someone who works at the italian grocery store and also goes to the bakery for a cup of coffee every morning) and he sticks his head out of the window, drives past a stop sign just to watch me walk. I was wearing an XL shirt wih jeans - it wasn't runway material let me say.

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